Cape Girardeau Pediatricians with Excellent Staff & Care Facilities

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Throughout parenthood, your child’s pediatrician will become your best friend. Whether you’re dealing with another nasty case of the sniffles or raising a miniature daredevil, there are some years when you’ll be at the doctor’s office way too much. This is why you must find a pediatrician who will be an excellent match for your family. You need to find someone you can trust to provide answers and create a safe space where you can ask questions, no matter how small. If you’re in the process of trying to find a doctor for your child, I’d love to tell you about the best Cape Girardeau pediatricians!

3 Cape Girardeau Pediatricians Providing Expert Children’s Healthcare

John Leland

John Leland is an experienced pediatrician who works with Southeast Pediatrics through Southeast Hospital. For 20 years, he’s provided parents with exceptional healthcare for their children. He has appeared in publications such as Peds Line from the Missouri chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Over the years, he has become known around the community for his unparalleled care. He takes on patients from infancy into adolescence and provides general healthcare. Whether you’re looking for a pediatrician who will guide you through those early years or need someone to complete physicals and well-visits for your elementary schooler, Dr. Leland is a fantastic choice!

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Southeast Pediatrics

On top of Dr. Leland, Southeast Pediatrics has a huge selection of doctors, so you can find a provider who works best for your family. There are six different locations, including three within Cape Girardeau. The practice has been around since 1948 when it was established as the first pediatric clinic in the city. 

They provide same-day appointments and extended hours throughout the week. While they excel at providing standard care, their network through Southeast Hospital will connect your family with specialists should you need it. The office accepts patients up to the age of 18.

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Saint Francis Pediatrics

Saint Francis Pediatrics sees caring for the community’s children as their own personal mission. They go out of their way to provide high-quality care for kids all across Cape Girardeau. The practice has many pediatricians to pair you with the doctor that works best for your family’s needs. 

On top of their general visits, they provide specialized care for illnesses and diseases. They can also connect you with specialty doctors if they can’t provide your child with the needed comprehensive care.

Cape Girardeau Pediatricians

The search for the right doctor for your family doesn’t have to be overwhelming! With any of these expert Cape Girardeau pediatricians, you’ll have the very best care for your child. 

If you’re preparing for your baby, I’d love to connect! I’m a Southeastern Missouri photographer, and I know firsthand how crucial it is to make those early stages last for years. I love taking stunning pictures that let you hold onto those newborn months long after your little one is off creating their own adventures. If you’ve been curious about booking a session for your family, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more! 

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