7 Exciting Things To Do In Cape Girardeau With Your Kids!

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One of the best things for kids is to stick to a daily routine to provide structure and stability. The only issue is that sometimes, this leads to monotony for us parents. It can get a little maddening to have the same schedule day in and day out. This is why I love looking around and finding experiences to shake up the norm. Our city has so many hidden gems our family has come to adore. If you’re looking for things to do in Cape Girardeau to break out of the monotony, I’d love to give you a list of my kids’ favorite places.

My Kids’ Seven Favorite Things To Do In Cape Girardeau

Discovery Playhouse

Discovery Playhouse is an interactive space my children positively love! This unique center is filled with exciting exhibits meant to engage kids’ minds. The building is split into two floors meant for different ages. The upper floor is designed for older kids 8 and up and features a science lab, an art studio, a planetarium, and a theater. Downstairs contains a space for children below the age of 4 as well as water and air play centers. 

Melaina’s Magical Playland

My little ones could spend all day navigating Melaina’s Magical Playland. This playground was designed to be used by children of all abilities. It features inclusive swings, Braille boards, safety fences, and accessible restrooms and parking. This amazing playground is currently working to install a splash pad to keep kiddos cool during those humid Missouri summers! 

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Sugar Chic Creamery

One of our favorite family activities is to grab some delicious ice cream at Sugar Chic Creamery in downtown Cape and enjoy it as we walk around the murals of the riverfront. This family-owned shop has ridiculously delicious waffle cones packed with your favorite flavors for the perfect summertime dessert.

Leo’s Sensory Gym

Need a way to burn off some of your kids’ energy without having to stand outside in the muggy summer weather? Be sure to check out Leo’s Sensory Gym right off Broadway. This indoor playground was designed as a safe space for all kiddos, as well as those on the autism spectrum. My children have the best time climbing on the ropes as well as bouncing on the trampolines! 

SEMO Theatre And Dance Series

SEMO Theatre and Dance Series is a set of performances put on by the SEMO Conservatory students. Your family can view one-of-a-kind performances that let you support the arts for an affordable price. The college also hosts festivals and put on major plays everyone in the audience will love. 

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Creative Ewe Pottery Cape Girardeau

If you’re raising miniature artists, be sure to check out Creative Ewe Pottery! This shop lets you pick out and paint your own pottery for a fun-filled afternoon. The studio has tons of options for younger painters. They can stick to plates and mugs, or they can decorate adorable animals. Whatever your child’s style, they’ll love getting to bring it to life!

Cateye Glasses Studio

Cateye Glasses Studio is a painting studio that provides classes to guide your little ones with their creations. The sessions are informative, and while your child will get tips and suggestions, they’ll still get to add their own creative spin. Additionally, the studio lets your child paint on different mediums, including clay and canvas. 

Things To Do In Cape Girardeau

I’m positive your family will create memories in these places just as mine has! All of my children love these fun Things To Do In Cape Girardeau! 

If you’re still looking for a way to make these precious years last, I would love to connect! I’m a family photographer who adores taking genuine photos I know you’ll cherish for years to come. So contact me today to find out more!

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